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Go ye therefore, and make disciples of all the nations …  
Matt 28:19-20
. . . uplift communities and to announce the year of the Lord's favor.
Mission and Goals

It is our mission since 2004 to uplift communities and especially the poorer communities in and around the Boland area in the Western Cape and bring hope and salvation by means of God’s living Word and provide in life essentials.

We endeavor to visit these areas as much as possible in any monthly calendar and not only preach the gospel as intended by God but also provide what we are able to give as far as daily essentials are concerned.
Country dirt road in grey scale

Millions of people all over the world are poor and neglected for one or other reason.

People pointing fingers, blaming each other

Our focus is to uplift communities and not waste valuable time by blaming some or another for these circumstances.
Helping hands coming together

To appreciate the look of hope on a persons face, hand him a blanket when it is cold.

Person pulling another up a steep cliff

Hope through God’s graceful and forgiving self and providing essentials we build a foundation of serving in order to save a lost world.
Reach out and be part of the greater community.

The need of these communities is much greater than what we as a handful of people can give but everyone over the world can be a part of this project and lend a helping hand.  There are many ways to participate.  One can be On-site with us or donate and see the effect of your generosity on this website.
We have day visitors that give a hand with all that needs doing on a Reach-out-day involving setting up the Sound system, erecting the Gazebo's and groundsheet's, handing out food and drink items etc.  If you would like to visit us please send us a Contact note in the form below.
Donations means several things, from money right down to actual items like food, blankets and other life essentials.
To dontate you can either click on the Donate button (Financial) or send us a message in order to make arrangements.
Contact Firelighters Ministries
South Africa
+27 079 763 5508

Firelighters Ministries
is a NPO registered in terms of the South African Sec. 21 Companies Act 61 of 1973, Reg No; 2006/001993/08

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